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7 of the World’s Richest Pets (thanks to Celebrity Pet Inheritance)

World’s Richest Pets Thanks to Pet Inheritance

Pet insurance is not life cover for your spouse, even if you call him Liefie. Many of us dedicate a small premium to our pets every month to cover them for illness and accident, because vet’s bills are as expensive as medical bills. Celebs take it a step further by leaving their Old Yellers and Lassies a massive fortune when they die. Here is a list of the world’s wealthiest pets thanks to the celebrity pet inheritance they each receive(d).

7. Drew Barrymore’s Labrador Retriever

When her house was on fire, her retriever Flossie pulled her from the burning building. Grateful to the canine, the 50 First Dates star pledged her home to her dog in her will. The value of the property? A comfortable £3.6 million (approx. R45.4 million).

6. Leona Hemsley’s Maltese Terrier

This socialite, ex-convict, and New York businesswoman left her dog £7.2 million (approx. R90.8 million) when she died. The Queen of Mean lived up to her title by leaving the money to her dog instead of her family. A judge later dropped the inheritance to £2.2 million, giving the rest to the family.

5. Ben Rea’s Cat

This Director and Mogul left his cat Blackie an impressive £9 million (approx. R113.5 million) when he died. Fortunately for the family, the cat appeared seventh on the list of beneficiaries.

4. Miles Blackwell’s Hen

Publishing mogul Miles Blackwell gave his hen Gigoo an adequate £10 million (R126 million) after he died. Makes up for all mankind’s treatment of chickens, non?

3. Oprah Winfrey’s Cocker Spaniels

Sadie and the other canines live it up in the talk show host, now philanthropist’s mansion. They are also set to inherit a whopping £30 million (approx. R378.3 million) when she dies.

2. Patricia O’Neill’s Chimpanzee

After separating from famous swimmer Frank O’Neill, Patricia gave Kalu the chimpanzee £53 million (approx. R668.3 million). Kalu now lives it up in a plush estate in Cape Town.

1. Countess Karlotta Libenstein’s German Shepherd

The wealthiest dog in the world, Gunther IV is worth an incomparable £224 million (approx. R2.8 billion). He inherited it all indirectly after his owner Countess Libenstein died. The dog is also owner of a number of properties, including Madonna’s Miami mansion.

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