Fancy yourself a Hell's Angel? Compare bike insurance!Even Hell’s Angels can get insurance cover. Bike insurance used to be a huge underwriting insurance risk, given the nature of bikes and, even worse, the nature of drivers not to see them. For this reason it was only offered by specialist insurance companies and was more often than not really expensive. Motorbike insurance now, however, is available as readily as car insurance and often by the same provider, just make sure to go with an insurance company that measures your individual risk.

That is, given the high rate of accident and high cost to repair and replace motorbikes, the average rider is assumed to be as high a risk. This obviously pushes up insurance premiums. Some insurance companies like Hollard and Apex, on the other hand, use personalised underwriting criteria to prevent all bikers being lumped into the high risk category.

Bike insurance coverage

Like car insurance, motorbike insurance covers the bike for third party liability, that is, damage you cause to third parties, as well as accidental damage to your own bike and theft and hijacking. Bike insurance also specifically caters for the passenger liability (or personal injury that may be caused to the person holding on for dear life behind you).

What’s more, motorbike insurance also includes bike accessories, from biker gear to bike attachments. It can also include cover for the bike trailers (depending on the insurance company and the policy).

Bike insurance extras

As mentioned, bike insurance may include cover for accessories. These range from leathers and helmets to chrome exhausts. If you have accessories, speak to your insurance company about covering them.

Like car insurance, bike insurance may come with roadside assistance in the event that the bike breaks down or is involved in an accident. It may not, however, include medical assistance as the nature of bikes makes this too high an insurance risk.

If you are a Hell’s Angel, then it may save you on premiums to compare bike insurance to find an insurance company that is prepared to take you on. For a range of quotes, fill in our online form and an insurance representative will contact you shortly.