Here are some of the crucial factors to consider when investing in business insurance:

Annual premiums

Ensure that you enquire whether your insurance company offers an annual premium option, as this can often be cheaper than paying monthly instalments, and you are guaranteed that your premiums won’t increase for a year.

Proper maintenance

Very often, insurance agencies give money back to people who don’t lodge claims as a form of incentive.  Ensure that you meticulously retain your property, carrying out regular maintenance checks and installing viable security measures to keep it in immaculate condition. This will decrease your risk of damage and theft, thus, lessening your need to claim.

Combine policies

If you have your car insurance, buildings and contents policies with one insurer, you might receive a discount – make sure you ask your insurance company whether this is an option.

Increase your excess

This can lower your premiums, so if you can afford to do it, seriously examine it as an option.

Make sure that your current insurance company is the right one for you, by filling in’s online form and receiving a variety of quotes to compare.

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