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How to Get Cheap Insurance for Your Car

How to Get Cheap Insurance for Your Car

Despite what the big insurers say, premiums matter. The less you pay to protect yourself from something that may never happen is a good thing. Sure you’ll want to make sure that if that thing that may never happen, happens, you’ll be covered comprehensively, but you don’t want to waste well-earned moola on it, right? Right. So here’s how to get cheap insurance for your car without lowering the cover.

4 Ways to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

1. Get Cheap Insurance by Comparing Policies.

Of course we would say that. In a competitive insurance industry comparing prices is perhaps the quickest way to get cheap car insurance. Insurers vie for your hard-earned cash by, among other things, offering discounts to insureds. Many insurers will lower premium costs to match another insurer to keep you with them. So even if you compare cheap insurance with what you’re currently paying, you might not have to change insurers to get the same deal.

2. Get Cheap Insurance by Insuring Everything.

That doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. The more you insure, the cheaper your insurance can be. Many direct short-term insurance companies offer discounted premiums to insureds who cover their car and home under one portfolio with them.

3. Get Cheap Insurance by Insuring Your Car for the Right Purpose.

If you only use your vehicle for personal use (other than driving to and from work), you qualify for personal car insurance. This is cheap car insurance. Just check with your insurer how many business trips with your car qualifies for personal use. Less than eight business trips per month qualifies you for occasional business use.

Also insure your car for market value, instead of retail value. This means cheaper monthly premiums, but also that you won’t be able to replace your car should it be written off or stolen. Top up cover can be cheaper than insuring for retail value.

4. Get Cheap Insurance by Improving Safety.

You don’t have move on account of your premiums, but living in a safer neighbourhood will bring down the price of your premiums because there is less risk of theft. Installing an alarm or tracking system will also bring down your risk of theft, which makes your car insurance quote cheap.

When comparing car insurance, also check the benefits. The premium might be higher because you’re getting more cover. Always check cover for cover so you don’t inadvertently sign up for percentage-based excess.

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