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How to get car insurance quotes

Easiest Ways to Get Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa

Getting car insurance quotes is easier than getting counted, mostly because it takes place over the phone. In fact, MiWay gives quotes speedily while you’re stuck in traffic on your way home. Dial Direct and OUTsurance will call you. Budget Insurance gives you money for getting your friends to approve their quotes.

Given the high value of your car and the likelihood of it being crashed, dented or stolen, car insurance is important and compulsory for financed vehicles. Fortunately, there are many ways to get car insurance quotes, from online aggregators to brokers and direct insurance companies. Here’s how they work:

1. Get Quotes from Online Aggregators.

The annoying hippo with the 80s rock parodies is an online aggregator offering insurance quotes (among others). How does it work? You enter your details into an online form. Add your name, phone number, and the details of your car. An insurance representative will call you to gather further details regarding the type of cover you require (namely private or business use, type of security, where you keep the vehicle at night, and so on). The representative will then inform you of the range of car insurance options you qualify for, their premiums, and the extent of cover.

The online aggregator will have to conduct this over the phone so they can record the call, and they can enter into a legal contract with you if needed. An online aggregator of insurance quotes works with a number of direct and brokered insurance companies to give you a wide range of quotes.

2. Get Quotes from Insurance Brokers.

More personal than an online insurance aggregator, brokers are a good option too. Brokers will either meet with you in person or discuss your requirements for insurance over the phone. Based on their expertise and qualifications, they can make certain recommendations for types of cover. They can also give you advice about how to reduce the cost while sourcing a range of difference car insurance quotes from the firms with which they are affiliated. Independent brokers get quotes from a number of different insurance companies, as they are not limited to only one.

3. Get a Quote Directly from the Insurance Company.

Alternatively, you can contact the short-term insurer of your choice directly, either via email or over the phone. The problem with going direct to the insurer, however, is that they will only be able to give you one car insurance quote. They can also adjust the premium but cannot source numerous car insurance quotes from other insurers. Some insurance companies, such as OUTsurance, do not deal with brokers. The only way to contact them is via an associated aggregator or directly.

Fill in our online form and an insurance representative will call you. It beats getting counted.

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