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South African Motor Warranty

Everything You Need to Know About the South African Motor Warranty

Everything You Need to Know About the South African Motor Warranty

When you’re buying a car, the topic of warranties will come up. Do you know what it is and what you need? Find everything you need to knowabout the South African motor warranty here.

What are South African Motor Warranties?

In South Africa, a motor warranty is a promise from the manufacturer of your car or from an insurance company. They warrant that your car or certain parts thereof will last as long as they’re supposed to. Usually the length of time will be stipulated in the warranty.

If your car then experiences a mechanical or electrical breakdown that falls under the cover of the warranty, the insurance company or manufacturer must replace or repair the faulty part at no cost to you. The warranty may stipulate a certain level of cover such as the value of replacement parts or the specific parts and events that are covered. Either way, there is no pay in from your side when you claim (no excess).

That said, you may end up paying anyway if you don’t have enough cover for all the costs involved. Let’s say your car’s engine is covered for R12,000. If your repair or replacement bill tops that, say at R16,000, then you will need to pay the remaining R4,000. This is not the same as an excess, which is an amount you must pay in whenever you make a claim with your insurance company.

What Does a Motor Warranty Cover?

Your cover will depend on the motor warranty you have. Some plans offer you cover for a specific number of years. Others may cover you until you reach a certain number of kilometres on your odometer. Your insurer or manufacturer could include the following car parts in your warranty’s cover:

  • Engine
  • Electrical Components
  • Gear Box
  • Differential
  • Transfer Box
  • Head Gasket
  • Cooling System
  • Management System

What Type of Motor Warranty Do I Need?

In South Africa, there are various kinds of motor warranties. The options may differ depending on the insurance company or manufacturer you choose. These are a few of the most common variations:

New Vehicle Warranty: A new vehicle warranty usually comes from the manufacturer. When you’re buying the car, the dealership you are at will let you know which options your car brand offers. These can be as short as two years and as long as seven years.

Unlimited Warranty: This type of warranty is a warranty that covers your car for an unlimited odometer reading. No matter how many kilometres you drive, the parts under warranty will be covered.

Extended Motor Warranty: This warranty is an extension of your original new car warranty. Once the warranty from your manufacturer has expired, the extended one kicks in.

Pre-Owned Warranty: This type of warranty is designed for second-hand cars. Car owners usually buy it when they buy their pre-loved car.

Top-Up Warranty: A top-up warranty acts like gap cover, but for your car. If your engine is only covered for R12,000 in your warranty, but the cost of repair is R16,000, the Top-Up Warranty will cover the other R4,000.

How to Choose the Right Warranty for My Car

Before you sign on the dotted line, you can make sure your warranty is right for you. When purchasing a ”

warranty, you can ask the salesperson the following questions:

For how long will the warranty be valid?

Some warranties are designed for second-hand vehicles, while others cover you for a specific amount of years. Some warranties won’t cover cars older than nine years, for example, while others are designed for cars that are older than nine years. Even a new car’s warranty won’t last forever.

You can avoid confusion and rejected claims by knowing when your warranty expires and for which parts. Ideally, the longer you have warranty cover, the better.

What vehicle parts does the warranty cover?

It won’t be the same all around, and not all parts are covered. Even when a part is covered, the cover may be limited to a certain predetermined amount.

A Warranty is Not a Service Plan

Many customers confuse their service plan and warranty. This is because service plans can ensure the correct maintenance. During a service, technicians can also identify issues. The service workshop could also often fix these problems, but the costs aren’t always included in the service if they fall outside the scope of the service plan.

For example, if during a service the technician picks up a problem with your car’s computer, its repair cost may fall under warranty and it won’t make up part of your service costs. A warranty also isn’t maintenance cover, but a service plan is. Warranties cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns for specific parts.

DISCLAIMER: Information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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