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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Fleet Insurance in South Africa

Looking to insure your fleet? It’s about more than just an affordable price. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure your insurer covers the specific needs and risks your fleet will be exposed to.

Fleet insurance is the smart option for fleet owners. Instead of having to pay for individual insurance policies for each vehicle, you can get one, single policy. That means much less admin, more savings, and cover tailored to the needs of your fleet.

Before you choose your fleet insurance company and policy, you may want to ask these questions to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Every fleet has unique needs and risks. Your fleet may need cover that differs from another. If you’re a delivery company operating light delivery vehicles, for example, your commercial vehicles are exposed to risks that differ from those of a freightliner fleet trucking produce across the country.

5 Questions You Can Ask Before You Get Motor Fleet Insurance in South Africa

1. What Am I Claiming for Currently? Or What Are My Risks?

If you as fleet owner already have fleet cover, and you want to ensure you’ve got the best cover possible, you can start by requesting a claims report from your current insurer. A claims report will have details about all the fleet-related claims your company has made so far.

You may notice your biggest and most frequent claims have been for damage, while other companies may claim more for theft. Knowing what you claim for most will help you choose a fleet insurance company with the best cover for your specific risks. If an insurer is known for paying out theft-related claims and has a policy that covers theft exceptionally well, they could be the insurer for you!

If you don’t have any fleet cover yet, you can do your own personal risk assessment. The business owner is the best person to assess risks, because they know the ins and outs of how the business runs. Once they have determined their top fleet risks, they can get a fleet insurance policy that will best cover said risks.

2. What Am I Not Using? Or What Commercial Fleet Cover Items Don’t I Need?

If you get a comprehensive fleet insurance policy, it often comes with extra services. You might be paying to enjoy these extras but not need them. For example, if you own backup vehicles for your fleet, you wouldn’t need an often included service for rental of loan vehicles. If you’re unlikely to use these added extras, you could save money by choosing a policy that doesn’t have these unnecessary additions. Simpler policies often mean more affordable fleet insurance.

3. Is Everything I Need Covered? Or Does the Policy Offer Everything I Need?

The opposite consideration is equally, if not more, important. Not every policy is the same. Some fleet insurance plans may lack elements that are vital for your coverage. For example,  what if your risk profile or claims history showed that your fleet most often struggled with breakdowns, tyre damage, and similar claim? The roadside assistance benefit on the fleet cover policy you choose needs to be adequate.

You could also look for a plan that includes tyre damage cover. With business vehicles, the aim would be road safety, low fleet insurance premiums, and ensuring the vehicles undergo as little downtime as possible. It’s therefore advisable to read through the policy of any business car insurance you’re considering for your fleet cover thoroughly before signing.

4. Do Driver Profiles Play a Role in the Risk Profile of the Insurance Provider?

Many insurers take your drivers’ profiles into consideration when determining your premiums. You may find that offering driver training and employing drivers with a good track record can make a significant impact on the affordability of our fleet cover. From driver behaviour to driver ratings, you can invest in your fleet drivers to improve their performance and your bottom line.

Accurate driving can lower insured events such as accidents and can also lower your premiums. Check the insurance agreement the insurer offers you or ask one of their representatives about what role drivers play in your premiums.

5. What Can I Do From My Side to Lower Insurance Costs?

There are a lot of details that could make a difference to the amount you pay and the benefits you get. If you want to cut insurance costs, you can ask what can be done from your side, as a fleet manager, to get the most out of your policy. Here are a few items that may come up.

Vehicle Security

It is possible that vehicle security systems for your business vehicles can make a difference in your policy costs. The insurer may charge you less if all your vehicles have tracking devices installed and if they’re kept in secure, locked locations at night. Changes to routes can be made to reduce hi-jack or vehicle accident risks.


Frequent small claims can influence your excess amount. To save on fleet insurance, you can focus on finding ways to lower incidence rates. Claiming for fewer small events means when you really need it, your fleet insurance cover will pay out without an unreasonably high excess.


Additional benefits can sweeten the deal. When you get a fleet insurance quote, you can ask about the benefits included in the policy options you’re considering. Sometimes, benefits can make a big difference to your insurance experience. Instead of feeling like a grudge purchase, your fleet cover can become a vital part of a smoothly operating machine. Your entire fleet can enjoy benefits and kickbacks.

Your commercial vehicle cover should be an asset, not a burden. Get peace of mind today with fleet insurance for your business. Get a fleet insurance quote today in just a few minutes! Simply fill in our online form and your ideal trusted South African insurer will contact you shortly.

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