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The Expert’s Holiday Insurance Checklist

The Expert’s Holiday Insurance Checklist

If you doubt it’s the silly season, just try deconstructing a turducken. Before you and your family pack up shack for the holidays, make sure to check your cover. Is your car, health, and life insurance in order? We’ve made a holiday insurance checklist to make things easier for you.

Remember the exclusions in your car insurance policy while on holiday. That is, those actions that nullify your car insurance. Insurance companies will not pay out claims if:

  • The driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident was unlicensed (this includes expired licenses).
  • The driver of the vehicle was intoxicated.
  • The vehicle was not in a roadworthy condition.

Your car insurance holiday checklist begins by making sure that your license is valid, that your vehicle is in good repair, and that you drink responsibly. The following also feature on the checklist.

Holiday Insurance Checklist

1. Roadside Assistance

Keep a copy of your car insurance policy in the cubbyhole of your car, especially while on holiday. Should you be in an emergency, whether it is an accident or breakdown, you’ll need your policy document to check what you are covered for and who to contact. Most car insurance policies include emergency cover such as towing or breakdown assistance, as long as you use an approved service provider. Your insurance company will be able to organize this on your behalf.

2. Car Hire

If your car insurance policy includes roadside assistance or towing to a nearby repair centre, then you will need a hire car to enjoy the rest of your holiday. If your car insurance policy does not include this, it might be a good idea to add to the policy before you leave.

3. Health Insurance

Make sure your health insurance is in order too. If involved in an accident, make sure you are taken to the nearest approved medical facility. Medical schemes will give a list of approved healthcare centres. Choose one in the are you are visiting for the duration of the holiday. This may mean contacting the insurance company directly.

4. Life Insurance

Seems a bit drastic, but if you’re travelling abroad for your holiday, you will need to inform your life insurance company. As each country’s risk profile is different (for example Pakistan is more of a risk than Mauritius), your insurer will have to reassess your profile for the holiday. While this may see you pay a higher premium, it will prevent your life insurance company from rejecting claims on the policy for non-disclosure.

Before you break out the turkey baste, check your insurance. If you don’t have cover, compare car, health, and life insurance policies right here. You might also want to take out home insurance to protect that while you’re away. An insurance representative will be in contact with you shortly.

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