Warranty cover does not protect you from being arrested. Sorry. A warranty (different to warrant) refers to a manufacturer’s guarantee that the product you bought is in good condition and any malfunctions in the normal use of the product will be repaired, product replaced or cash refunded.

If in the normal use of the product, someone crashed into it, your warranty does not apply. That’s for your car insurance. Motor warranty cover, on the other hand, applies to cover for breakdown of your vehicle. That is, if your car malfunctions, the warranty would apply. The motor warranty usually applies for up to three years after the purchase of a new vehicle or up until the vehicle has reached 100 000 km. Car owners get the option to renew the warranty for a further two years or a new warranty can be purchased.

Motor warranty cover extent

Motor warranty cover is insurance that covers unforeseen mechanical breakdown. While comprehensive car insurance may include 24-hour emergency services, this includes towing to a nearby repair centre, fuel and recharging a battery. Motor warranty cover includes maintenance and repair costs for the vehicle once the original motor warranty expires.

Motor warranty cover, though, only covers vehicles whose warranty has expired, but which are less than 10 years, or 200 000 km, old. The insurance company may also impose certain restrictions on the cover, such as Hollard’s Motor Xtender which does not cover vehicles used for commercial purposes (such as a taxi or shuttle service) or racing.

Motor warranty cover provides 24-hour roadside assistance for mechanical and electrical breakdown. It also goes a step further to provide routine maintenances so that the vehicle stays in roadworthy condition.

Some motor warranty cover includes towing charges as well as emergency accommodation should the vehicle breakdown and need emergency repairs. The insurance policy will list the parts that are covered and if it includes wear and tear.

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