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Most Burgled Areas in South Africa in 2011

Most Burgled Areas in the Country – 2011

Do you find it strange that your home insurance premiums increase every month because of those pesky first-of-the-month break-ins? Well, then you probably live in one of these neighbourhoods. The South African Police Service released their crime stats for the period April 2011 to March 2012 in September this year, shedding light on the state of the country’s most burgled areas in South Africa.

The stats include car theft, murder and kidnapping, but we wanted to know about home burglary. Which areas have the highest number of reported incidences? It matters to your insurance company, so it should matter to you. Why add to the cost of replacing windows every month with your ridiculous home insurance premium? Find here the top 10 areas for highest incidences of burglary in South Africa.

Top 10 Most Burgled Areas in South Africa in 2011

1. Mitchells Plain

It might not be a surprise to learn that murder central is also burglary central. The two are probably not related, but it indicates the existence of an unwanted element. There were 1,801 reported burglaries in the area.

2. Honeydew

Even though Johannesburg is not the most violent city in South Africa as it was previously considered, it still has the second-highest area for burglaries. Honeydew police station reported 1,704 cases of burglary.

3. Witbank

Witbank saw a total of 1,476 reported burglaries in residential areas, making it the third-highest across the country and second highest in Gauteng.

4. Polokwane

Outside of Cape Town and Johannesburg, Polokwane is where you’re most likely to get burgled. The station reported a total of 1,449 burglaries.

5. Rustenburg

We’re sure it’s unrelated to miners striking, but Rustenburg has a pretty high rate of burglaries and comes fifth on this list with 1,391 reported incidences.

6. Lyttelton

Not so little, the police station of Lyttelton had to deal with a large number (1 357 to be exact) cases of burglary over the last year.

7. Roodepoort

You might want to reconsider moving to the West Rand now that Roodepoort adds 1 342 cases of burglary to the growing list of incidences in that part of Gauteng.

8. Wierdabrug

The police station in Wierdaburg reported a total of 1 317 burglaries between April 2011 and March 2012.

9. Pinetown

Kwa-Zulu Natal joins the party with Pinetown police station reporting 1,305 cases of home burglary.

10. Kraaifontein

With only 400 fewer reported cases of burglary than Mitchells Plain, Kraaifontein is the tenth most commonly burgled area in the country with 1,302 reported cases.

Live in one of these areas? Home insurance will be very imortant for your financial future.

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