Comparing Discovery Medical Aid Quotes is confusingComparing Discovery medical aid quotes is no mean feat, given that there are 19 different plans in five different categories, ranging from KeyCare to Executive. Coincidence? Doubtful. Discovery Health medical aid is the largest medical aid scheme provider in South Africa which makes comparing their plans to other medical schemes’ almost impossible, let alone comparing them with other Discovery medical aid quotes. If you do decide to take the plunge and compare cover, here’s what to look for.

Discovery medical aid hospital benefits

Different Discovery medical aid health plans have different hospital benefits. Some plans have a limit on how much you can claim for when in hospital, with sub-limits. For example, some plans limit the number of in-hospital benefits for mental illness to 21 days per year, terminal car benefits to R28,000 and rehabilitation to set number of days. The plan may also have a limit on internal prostheses.

Discovery medical aid chronic medication benefits

All the Discovery medical aid plans cover medication for the 27 prescribed minimum benefits (PMB) chronic disease conditions. The PMBs are standard conditions which must be catered for by all hospital plans and medical aids. Certain Discovery plans include an additional 33 chronic conditions, as stipulated in the scheme wording. There may be restrictions on the type of medication the plan covers. The plans will stipulate which medicines they approve and often from which pharmacies these may be obtained.

Discovery medical aid day to day benefits

The day to day benefits refer to non-hospital medical expenses, such as visits to a GP, optometrist and dentist. Some plans will have no day-to-day benefits, while others will cover principal members and dependents, up to a set amount per spouse and child.

Dentistry and optometry may also be limited separately on the policy, in terms of which procedures are covered and which are not. It may also limit how much per year you can claim on either.

Discovery medical aid MRI and CT scans

MRIs and CTs are also covered by Discovery medical aid plans, but these are limited to hospital admissions (that is, no elective MRIs or CTs are covered). Certain plans which exclude conservative back or neck treatment, will not cover scans for this purpose either.

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