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Zurich Motor Insurance (Now Bryte SA)

Who is Zurich Insurance?

Zurich Insurance is a Swedish company that offers insurance coverage to a number of countries in the world. Although Zurich operated in South Africa for many years, the company was bought over by Fairfax Holdings, a strong Canadian insurance company, in 2016.

As part of the group’s aim to reshape its global footprint, Zurich became known as Bryte SA in 2017. The company now offers niche and specialised insurance products to South Africa, Mauritius, Botswana, and more.

Zurich South Africa’s Previous Offerings and Bryte SA’s Current Products

If you thought the wealthy got preferential treatment, you’re right. Zurich South Africa offered conventional car and home insurance, but also specialised cover for high net-worth individuals. Such key persons could cover all their residences, jewellery, antiques, electronic equipment, and executive vehicles under one policy.

Zurich Insurance South Africa (now Bryte SA) is the ideal provider for those looking to enjoy the benefits of an insurance policy built on strong fundamentals and principles. They provide customers with quality underwriting support and benefits such as no excess for bona fide pensioners. Today, their offering is equally niche and specialised, although it now caters to businesses and exclusive niche insurance needs as well.

Zurich Insurance South Africa (now Bryte SA) is one of the leading insurance providers in the world, and it shows.

With Bryte SA, you can get business insurance, body corporate cover, and policies designed to cover commercial risks. They also offer specialised insurance for financial lines, jewellery and fine art. Bryte SA is known for offering Shariah-compliant insurance and other industry-specific cover. Finally, you can get liability cover, and specialised motor cover in a number of forms.

Bryte SA Motor Cover Options

Driving Schools Cover

This plan offers comprehensive car insurance for all types of vehicles, including heavy and medium commercial; light delivery; and private motor vehicles.

Motorcycle Cover

You can get cover for motorcycles and quad bikes on a stand-alone basis with this policy.

Transporter Cover

It’s perfect for customers who operate vehicle fleets. Heavy and medium commercial vehicles, trailers, special types, private motor, and light delivery vehicles, buses, and goods in transit are included in this cover.

Collectibles and Classics Cover

The plan is suited to the serious classic car collector, who believes that they are paying too much for insurance. All of the benefits of your regular policy are included in the multi-car policy. If you own more than three classic cars, this policy is for you.

Special Motor Cover Products

Concrete Mixer Cover

Customers who require specific insurance cover for ready-mix concrete vehicles can benefit from this product.

Clay Brick Cover

Operators who exclusively deliver clay bricks are protected by the clay brick product. The rating model has different rates and excesses for the truck and crane.

Short / Medium Haul Cover

Transport operators are covered if they don’t exceed a limited radius for one trip, for truck and trailer vehicle fleets.

Transporter Excess Reducer

In cases where you want to pay additional premiums to reduce policy excesses to zero or a more affordable rate, you can add this benefit to your specialised motor policy.

What Does Zurich Car Insurance Cover? (Now Bryte SA)

If you need specialised motor insurance or commercial vehicle insurance solutions, you can get it with Bryte SA (previously Zurich motor insurance). Their insurance policy can cover your unique needs, including physical damage to your cars and vehicles, third party liability, fire, theft, and more. Their motor policy options cover potential losses so your motor business can keep going strong no matter what.

Various business vehicle classes are exposed to different risks at different levels. For example, your delivery trucks may be most at risk for accidental damage, while a long-haul 18-wheeler may experience glass damage or parking damage more often because of its size and the distance it travels. With Zurich car insurance (now Bryte SA), you can ensure your specific risks are catered to with their specialised offering.

Who Can Get Zurich Car Insurance (Now Bryte Motor Insurance)

Anyone in South Africa can purchase one of their beneficial insurance policies, but they are designed for businesses, business owners, and people in need of niche cover.

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