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Medical Cover

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Liberty Medical Health

Liberty Health is a first-class international health insurance service provider that offers state-of-the-art products and benefits to corporates, multinational corporations, individuals, and SME’s across the continent of Africa, servicing 22 African states (including South Africa) at affordable rates.


  • Liberty Gap Cover
  • Liberty Health Cover
  • Liberty Medical Premium Waiver
  • Medical Scheme Cover
  • Living Lifestyle (comprehensive cover for critical illness)
  • Serious Illness Cover

Liberty Gap Cover

  • Liberty Gap Cover protects you and your family if there is a shortfall in the difference between your medical aid cover (paid by your medical aid scheme) and what your medical providers and hospital charges

Liberty Health Cover

  • Liberty Health Cover offers a range of health insurance plans for local nationals and expatriates
  • This plan covers residents in 21 African countries
  • This plan is not available to those living in South Africa (this is for expats and nationals outside the borders of South Africa)
  • Rates are affordable

Liberty Medical Premium Waiver

  • Liberty Medical Premium Waiver is created to ensure your family’s medical scheme and Liberty Gap Cover will continue to be paid in the event of your death
  • Premiums will also continue if the main member is disabled or becomes critically ill

Medical Scheme Cover

  • Liberty is an accredited brokerage and has access to two leading South African medical schemes, Bonitas and Bestmed

Living Lifestyle

  • A lump sum is paid out for traumatic events and critical illness
  • There are 31 illnesses categorised and include (but are not limited to)
    • Strokes
    • Certain Cancers
    • Heart attacks
    • Rare critical illnesses that have not been defined and that are largely unknown

Serious Illness Cover

  • If you are diagnosed with a serious illness by a medical professional, a lump sum of up to R2,000,000 will be paid out to you
  • This cover is available over the phone, making the application process straightforward

​For advice regarding Liberty Medical, chat to one of Liberty’s financial advisers about which benefit would suit your unique medical needs, whether it is for you as an individual, a family, a small to medium enterprise, a large blue-chip organisation, or other.

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