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ABSA idirect Car Insurance

Are you considering insuring your car with ABSA idirect? Before you sign on the dotted line, you can learn everything you need to know about this insurer here.

Who is ABSA idirect?

Absa idirect is an insurance company that forms part of the ABSA Group. The ABSA group is well known in South Africa and the African continent as a banking and financial institution. By offering wealth solutions and a host of other services, they aim to turn the possibilities in the lives of their customers into reality.

ABSA insurance for your car is offered through idirect, with a large range of products available. From personal car and contents insurance to travel and business cover, they have a policy to suit your needs. Along with products designed to meet your personal and business risks, idirect insurance is committed to providing outstanding service to their customers.

How Does ABSA idirect Insurance Work?

When you sign an idirect insurance agreement, you get cover for a list of risks related to the types of insurance you choose. For example, idirect car insurance can give you cover for road accidents, third-party claims related to your vehicle, and theft, hail damage, and hijacking. In return for this cover, you commit to paying a monthly premium.

This insurer offers their clients kickbacks, such as their cashback structure. Depending on the product you choose and how much you claim, you could get money back from your policy! Each policy also comes with added benefits.

Why Choose ABSA idirect for Your Vehicle Cover?

Many people choose ABSA car insurance because they already bank with the institution and find centralising their endeavours convenient. Their cover is comprehensive and reasonably affordable. Car cover is important, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

ABSA recognises that you have other things to think about, so they aim to provide cover that is fast and easy. You can also get sound advice from their experts. Choose the ABSA idirect comprehensive cover if you want simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-understand cover.

What Does ABSA idirect Car Insurance Cover?

Absa idirect as a car insurance company offers three options for you, the customer, to choose from. These include comprehensive car insurance cover, third-party, fire, and theft cover, and basic third-party only cover. Coverage on each plan differs, as do the benefits you can receive.

ABSA idirect Comprehensive Car Insurance

This plan covers the insured’s vehicle for accidents, fire, theft, hijacking, and any damage caused to a third party. Their comprehensive car insurance policy also gives you cover for damage and loss due to hail, storm, flood, snow, lightning, and explosion. If another person deliberately damages your car, it’s also covered.

The plan includes legal liability cover and limited cover for medical expenses. Towing and repair costs after an insured event come standard with this policy. For the most comprehensive solution to risks related to your vehicle, you can choose this policy. Premiums are more expensive than the other two plans but still reasonably affordable.

ABSA idirect Third-Party, Fire & Theft Cover

If you are looking for cover for your vehicle for fire, theft, hijacking and accidental damage to someone else’s vehicle, this policy is ideal. It’s the middle ground between the more expensive comprehensive policy and the most affordable cover, third-party only.

ABSA idirect Third-Party Only Cover

Third-party only cover pays out for damage you have created to another’s property or car. With this type of cover, your vehicle will not be insured for any damages caused by an accident. If your car is old, this cover could be sufficient. This plan is also ideal for drivers on a budget who need to cover their most basic risks but cannot afford a more comprehensive solution.

Added Benefits of ABSA idirect Motor Cover

Each ABSA idirect plan comes with added benefits. Along with protection for their motor vehicles, ABSA clients can enjoy these convenience and need-related services.

  • Fixed excess – you can choose your basic excess upfront!
  • Professional assistance for roadside, medical, and domestic crises. This includes a jumpstart service and a car hire service.
  • For claim-free periods of 3 years there is a 10% pay-back benefit, 15% of four years claim-back, and 20% for every year after.
  • With ABSA idirect, you can do your onboarding vehicle inspection from home.
  • If you need to claim for windscreen chip repair, there will be no excess payment and it also won’t affect your cash back.

Still unsure? You can view ABSA idirect car insurance reviews online to see what other consumers think about their cover. Are you with another insurer? Don’t worry, ABSA can help you transition from your previous insurance policy to theirs. You can get cover for your vehicle today with an insurance quote from our site – just fill in the form at the top of this page.

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