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Absa idirect Car Insurance

Absa idirect contact number: 0860 109 693

Do you dream of driving along with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world? With Absa idirect Car Insurance you can enjoy a worry-free existence as this is an insurance company that offers a full menu of banking and wealth management services that will take care of your needs tailored to your individual lifestyle and budget. 

What does Absa idirect do and who are they?

Absa idirect is a subsidiary of Barclays; a financial institution that will enable you to change your life today with offerings of services ranging from and including cover for individuals, small business commercial enterprises and so much more.

Absa idirect promises to provide outstanding service which is as important to them as delivering a full range of insurance products.

Absa idirect offers a complete range of services:

From banking to finance, car and home insurance, travel insurance and more – Absa idirect is your one-stop-shopping go-to bank that will take care of all these essential needs. 

Why Absa idirect Car Insurance;

Absa idirect as a car insurance company offers three options for you, the consumer, to choose from. These include comprehensive car insurance cover, third party, fire and theft cover and last but not least basic third party cover.

  • Comprehensive car insurance cover through Absa idirect – this will cover the insured’s vehicle for accidents, fire, theft, hijacking as well as any damage that has been caused to a third party.
  • Comprehensive car insurance through Absa idirect offers personal liability cover for up to R2.5 million.
  • Third Party, fire and theft insurance through Absa idirect: If you are looking for cover for your vehicle for fire, theft, hijacking as well as accidental damage to someone else’s vehicle, this is when you need this type of cover – although cover to your own vehicle is not included.
  • Third Party Cover: If your car is old, this cover could be quite sufficient – Third Party Cover has been designed to pay out for damage you have created to another’s property or car – furthermore with Third Party Cover your vehicle will not be insured for any damages caused by an accident.

You can now enjoy:

  • Fixed excess.
  • Professional assistance for roadside, medical and domestic crises.
  • For claim-free periods of 3 years there is a 10% pay-back benefit, 15% of four years claim-back and 20% for every year after.
  • Claims facilitation with the RAF for policy holders, their partners and dependents under 21.

Whether it is a sleek sports model or whether you drive an old derelict vehicle, Absa idirect car Insurance will offer you tailored cover for your unique needs to suit your budget no matter what type of wheels you have.

Absa idirect contact number: 0860 109 693

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