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1Life – changing lives

Life is beautiful, 1Life celebrates that. So much so that we don’t believe it should change in the event of death and disease. Yes of course, it hurts to know that one day your family may have to carry on living without you. What 1Life proposes is that you make the right decision to make sure you never leave them without the financial security they deserve.

For 1Life funeral cover.

Whether its life insurance or dread disease cover, 1Life insurance has carefully tailored the right insurance for your needs and your budget.

1Life Life Insurance

Do you worry about how your family will survive in the event of your death? You need a 1Life life insurance policyto make sure you never have to worry about leaving them with the financial burden of covering their debts, medical bills, school fees and daily living expenses. Get a quote for life cover and secure your family today.

Dread disease cover

Illness and disease fall under the list of unexpected events in life that we have to deal with. You’ll probably respond to this by mentioning that you have medical aid. There are some diseases that aren’t covered in full by your medical aid. For those moments 1Life has a dread disease cover that will pay out a lump sum amount in your account for you to be able to cover your medical bills and allows you to focus on your recuperation.

1Life benefits

The 1Life insurance team spent a lot of time designing a host of products to make sure there are no holes in your life plan that will possibly burden your family should you die or fall ill. Some of these products include:

  • Disability insurance – disability should not mean you are unable to provide for your family, 1Life has got you covered.
  • Expense protector – should you lose your job, get injured or fall ill, this cover is here to help you through the tough times ahead.
  • 1Life Funeral cover – you or your beneficiaries receive a payout within 24 hours of a death.
  • Unit trusts – you can now invest in the JSE for as little as R200 per month and watch your money grow.
  • Personal loans – get loans for up to R150 000 with 12 to 60 months to pay it back.

Why 1Life Funeral Insurance:

Selecting 1 Life Funeral Cover will ensure you are paid out in 24 hours* – the beauty about this cover is that you choose exactly how much cover you will need for your individual requirements and what premium you are able to afford on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, up to five children and ten extended family members can be added to your policy – this will be at an additional monthly premium for each and every family member.

Better still, there are no onerous medicals that are required plus there is no paperwork.

Cover is immediate for accidental death, and it will take six months to be paid out for natural causes and for suicide there is a 24-month waiting period.


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