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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist (2023): Keep Your Home Cool and Damage-Free

Ah, summer! The season of hot days, outdoor fun, and cool drinks. But did you know that it’s also the perfect time to give your home some TLC? With the warmer weather and longer days, you have plenty of time to tackle some summer home maintenance projects before the harsh weather hits.

And the best part? It can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your energy bills down. So, grab your soapy water and grill brush and let’s get started on our summer home maintenance checklist!

11 Easy Summer Home Maintenance Tasks

1. Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

The first thing you can do is inspect your home’s exterior. You can check for any foundation cracks, mineral deposits on your exterior windows, or insulation gaps. These issues can lead to water damage, higher energy bills, and even pest infestations. If you spot any problems, it is a good idea to take action as soon as possible to avoid more extensive damage.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Gutters play a crucial role in preventing water from seeping into your home’s foundation. But they can quickly become clogged with leaves and debris during the summer months. You can use a pressure washer or power washer to clean them out and ensure that they’re in good working condition.

3. Inspect Your Roof

Summer storms can cause significant damage to your roof, leading to costly repairs. Insurance companies won’t pay out for damage if it is evident the roof has not been maintained properly.

This is why it is important to inspect your roof for any missing or damaged shingles, and repair them as soon as possible. If you’re not comfortable getting on your roof, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. You can also seal it with waterproof paint and rubberised sealant in places where water may gather or flow.

4. Maintain Your Air Conditioning

If you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioner, it is vital that you maintain it well during the hot summer months. Mould and dust can gather inside and cause health problems.

To avoid this, you can clean or replace your air filters regularly to keep your system running efficiently. You can also inspect your exterior AC unit for any debris, and clear it away if necessary. And if you notice any issues, you can call in an HVAC professional to take a look.

5. Maintain Your Geyser

Hot water is a must-have in any home, and summer is the perfect time maintain the geyser producing it to prepare for the coming colder seasons. You can make sure your geyser is in good shape by checking seals and pipes for water beads that could indicate a leak.

You can also call in professionals to do maintenance such as descaling. They can also check that every part of your geyser, including the thermostat, is in good working order. If parts need to be replaced, they can also do this.

6. Check Your Windows and Screens

Clean windows can make a significant difference in your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. You can use a paint roller and soapy water to clean them, making sure to clean your window screens, too.

This will help you avoid insect infestations and allow for proper airflow during the summer months. A fresh coat of paint on the window trim also won’t hurt. Such small seasonal maintenance tasks can refresh your home while also offering practical benefits.

7. Inspect Your Outdoor Play Equipment

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor play, but it’s essential to ensure that your equipment is safe and in good condition. If you have any play equipment in your yard, you can take on the maintenance of these as one of your outdoor projects.

The first thing to do is to check for any loose bolts, rusted areas, or other damage that could lead to injuries. And if you notice any problems, it is a good idea to fix them before allowing your kids to play on the equipment. You can also check for and remove unwanted guests such as spiders to ensure your kids don’t get bitten.

8. Maintain Your Clothes Dryer

Did you know your clothes dryer can become a fire hazard if it’s not maintained correctly? Often, your tumble dryer will be the only way to get dry clothing during the rainy summer months.

You can clean the lint trap after every use and inspect your dryer vent for any blockages. This will help keep your home safe and your dryer running efficiently.


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9. Clean Your Charcoal Grill

Your braai’s charcoal grills are a summer staple, but they can quickly become a fire hazard if not cleaned correctly. With a wire brush, you can clean off any residue, and make sure to empty the ash catcher regularly. This will help you avoid any accidents while braaiing your favourite summer meats.

10. Maintain Your Irrigation System

Your irrigation system is vital for keeping your lawn and garden green during the summer months. But it can become clogged with debris or develop leaks over time.

You can inspect your system regularly and repair any issues to avoid wasting water and damaging your landscaping. Your hose pipe and other gardening equipment can also be damaged by the extreme heat of the African sun, so it is a good idea to check for rust, cracks, and leaks, and to repair and replace any gardening tools that have suffered damage.

11. Get the Right Insurance

Finally, to make sure your home is protected from any unforeseen events, it is important to make sure you have the best possible home insurance policy. Thanks to a competitive insurance market, South African homeowners can choose from a variety of home insurance policies to suit their needs.

Different policies have different benefits and add-ons, and often they have a different scope of events they will cover, too. Home insurance can protect you from unexpected events, such as water damage or theft, which can be common during the summer months. That is why we believe it’s the ideal time for homeowners to compare their current cover with other offers from trusted insurers.

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