Surprisingly, Legal & Tax does legal and, well, tax. The company functions as a legal insurance and tax advisory company providing a 24-hour advice help line to clients from R3 a day. What’s more, the legal insurance aspect includes up to R160 000 in legal fees, both consultation and representation. Legal insurance makes the legal of services of a professional attorney more affordable for average consumers by treating it in much the same way as a medical aid treats hospitalization.

Legal and tax cover

As with most legal insurance companies, such as Legal Wise, Legal & Tax provides unlimited telephonic and face-to-face advice. The company also offers legal and tax assistance by way of drafting documents for a client and communicating with a third party. Unlike other legal insurance companies, though, Legal and Tax offer tax assistance, such as completing the clients tax returns. They also offer tax advice to clients.

Membership ranges from Gold to Prestige PLUS, all of which are set a predetermined premium per month. The various memberships cover varying amounts of cover. Members, spouses and children under the age of 18 can be included in the cover. (This means that spouses and children have access to legal and tax services.)

Legal and tax exclusions

Most legal matters are covered by the company except for family matters. (Although the Prestige PLUS membership does cover this.) Given the commonplace nature of divorce, most legal insurance companies exclude this. Also excluded are prior events (that is, any legal claim already made against the client). Business law matters and deliberate criminal acts are also excluded from the list.

Legal and tax benefits

Although not in their wheelhouse, funeral cover and debt counseling are available to consumers through Legal and Tax. The funeral benefit pays up to R15 000 for principal members, spouses and children from 14 to 21 years of age. (Younger children are also covered, but for a lower payout.) Debt counseling services may involve extra costs.

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