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General enquiries: [email protected]
Personal Insurance: 0860 444 444
Commercial Insurance: 0860 558 003
Agricultural Insurance: 0860 247 400
Complaints and compliments: 0860 102 725
24/7 SOS claims and emergency line: 0860 505 911
Short-term insurance Ombudsman: 011 726 8900

Santam Head Office, 1 Sportica Crescent, Tyger Valley, Bellville, 7530

Santam’s umbrella over everything

As comprehensive as a yellow umbrella, Santam offer a full range of short-term insurance. Beginning in 1918 as the South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited offering a full range of short term insurance, they soon began a life insurance subsidiary, Sanlam. They have subsequently grown to become one of the largest direct and brokered short- and long-term insurance companies in the country, with a specialist insurance sector for organizations at risk of unique perils.

Santam car insurance
On top of comprehensive, third party, and third party, fire and theft insurance for cars, bikes, trucks, and trailers,Santam insurance add emergency accommodation, emergency cost cover and limited medical expense cover to their car insurance policies. For offroad or 4×4 vehicles, Santam add extensions to their vehicle insurance. Optional cover is also available for luxury vehicles, lost keys, broken lights, towing and mechanical breakdown.

Santam house content insurance
More than just covering the movable goods in your home against theft and damage, Santam house contents insurance includes benefits such as a medical expenses of guests, guests’ personal effects, as well as medical expenses for domestic employees. Should the home become inhabitable as a result of damage, then Satnam’s cover will include storage costs for the movable items until the home is repaired. As with most home contentsinsurance policies, specialist items of high-value should be specified in the policy document.

Santam buildings insurance
As with the household contents insurance policy, the buildings insurance includes medical expenses for guests and domestic employees. Should the home be destroyed or become inhabitable, the cover includes emergency accommodation as well as cover for gardens (especially beneficial for home owners who’ve invested in landscaping).

Santam comprehensive commercial cover
While all businesses are at risk of perils unique to their operation, there is some cover that is applicable across the board. To cover all these perils, Santam offers comprehensive commercial insurance, which includes buildings, plant and equipment, stock, cash, vehicles, liability and loss of income insurance.

Santam also provide cover for companies in the hospitality, medical, tourism, and entertainment fields. Specialist insurance includes marine, engineering, aviation, transport, travel consultants, and sectional title insurance.

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