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Nedbank Insurance


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Nedbank Insurance

We all face different risks at each stage of our lives. Nedbank offers Insurance to cover our needs for each stage and every risk. Nedbank’s comprehensive insurance plans are put in place to protect you and your family as well as your assets. Explore their range of insurance offerings and discover comprehensive, attractive, and unique solutions ideal for your current needs.

When insuring with Nedbank determine whether it is for your personal life, for your business, or for specialised businesses. In each case, your options are extensive and dynamic and are tailored to cover you in the way you need at the price you want. Nedbank’s personal insurance options include plans for protecting your assets, income, and credit. Their personal insurance plans also include life and funeral insurance plans.

What can I protect with Nedbank Personal Insurance?

Nedbank Asset Insurance: Home & Vehicle

You can insure your car, motorcycle, boat or vehicle with Nedbank Car Insurance. Protect the valuables inside and outside your home with the Nedbank Home and Contents Insurance plans on offer. Theft, fire, and disaster need not ruin your financial wellbeing. Nedbank offers insurance for your home and buildings; furthermore, there are additional value-adds to enjoy which include motor warranty, tyre & rim, and credit shortfall insurance.

Nedbank Life Insurance

The Nedbank life insurance options include travel insurance, disability insurance, accidental insurance and health insurance, plus more. These options allow you to protect your family if you pass away, or to maintain a level of income should you or the insured become disabled, ill, or experience an accident that leaves you disabled.

Nedbank Credit Insurance

Nedbank Credit Insurance options can help you in many ways. The car finance insurance option makes it possible to pay off your car if you are no longer able to work, and the credit card insurance plan helps you pay off your credit card debt if you can no longer work. Similarly, there is a plan to help you pay off your bond or take care of your overdrafts and personal loans if you are not in a position to carry on working.

Nedbank Funeral Insurance

Nedbank offers various funeral plans, depending on the level of cover you need, and the scope of the funeral plan. You can enjoy life today in the knowledge that your family’s future is protected. The Nedbank Premier Funeral Plan is a comprehensive plan that includes cover for disability, retrenchment, and has grocery benefits. The Gold Funeral Plan is also comprehensive but is flexible and can be adjusted to your individual needs.

If you’re looking for flexible and affordable cover for the whole family, select the Easy Cover Plan. The Nedbank Funeral Plan Plus is available to Nedbank clients at an affordable rate. Finally, you can choose the Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan and you can adjust the plan to your unique needs so that you can give your loved ones the dignified send-off they deserve.

You can apply easily for Nedbank Personal Insurance by filling in a form online; the claims process has also been simplified and taken online for your convenience. You can research and choose the insurance you want, or you can speak to an advisor to guide you.

What can I cover with Nedbank’s Corporate Insurance Options?

Nedbank’s corporate insurance division offers businesses and corporates cover for every need, such as general liability cover plus more detailed cover options. You can get public and employer’s liability cover, business interruption cover, debtors’ insurance, fidelity guarantees, and key-person insurance from Nedbank by applying online.

Nedbank Industry-Specific Specialised Insurance

Nedbank’s Business Insurance options include a large range of offerings to cater to the needs of businesses and corporates from varied industries. These include commercial property insurance, construction and engineering insurance, agriculture insurance, marine and aviation insurance, debtor’s insurance, heavy vehicle insurance, and fuel and construction guarantees.

Nedbank Agricultural Insurance

Get protection for property damage, machinery breakdown, and motor insurance cover with agriculture insurance offered by Nedbank. This option also offers cover for your crops or livestock; a measure each farmer needs.

Nedbank Construction & Engineering Insurance

Engineers and construction companies can enjoy peace of mind in the insurance products provided by the Nedbank Construction and Engineering Insurance products. The cover is tailored to suit the unique needs of engineering and construction companies and includes liability cover, cover for losses and damage to equipment as well as cover for contract workers.

Nedbank Aviation Insurance

Nedbank provides aviation insurance that covers all-risk aircraft hull insurance, crew and passenger personal accident insurance, pilot’s loss of license insurance (on the grounds of health), third party insurance, passenger cover, and cargo liability insurance.

Nedbank Commercial Vehicles and Marine Insurance

Get cover for your heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles with Nedbank for loss of use and goods in transit. Nedbank offers marine insurance for the cover of cargo, commercial hull, and other marine liabilities.

Your insurance can be more affordable and tailored to your individual needs. Nedbank Insurance creates insurance packages that exclude irrelevant clauses and features to bring your premiums down. You can experience peace of mind that comes with comprehensive cover for every eventuality.

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