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Nedbank Insurance


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Nedbank Insurance

Nedbank understands that there each of us goes through different stages in life. That is why they will ensure you have the right financial plans in place to protect you and your assets. Nedbank has created a range of comprehensive, attractive, and unique solutions tailored for different stages of life and different lifestyles. Insurance cover from Nedbank insurance can be the safety net you need.


Nedbank Life Insurance

  • Nedbank Life
  • Nedbank disability insurance
  • Nedbank accident and health cover
  • Nedbank funeral plans (these are optional)

Motor & Home Insurance

  • MyCover Direct (exclusive household and vehicle insurance solutions)
  • Nedbank buildings insurance (homeowner’s insurance)
  • Nedbank home contents insurance

Nedbank Home Contents Insurance

  • Basic
  • Comprehensive

Motor Warranties

  • Nedbank extended warrant
  • Nedbank pre-owned vehicle warranty
  • Nedbank tyre and rim warranty
  • Nedbank credit shortfall & top-up cover

Direct Business Cover

  • Public and employer’s liability
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Business interruption cover
  • General liability cover
  • Business overhead insurance
  • Heavy commercial vehicle insurance
  • Agriculture insurance
  • Debtors insurance
  • Construction and engineering insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • Key person insurance
  • Marine insurance

Agriculture Insurance

    • Cover for property damage
    • Machinery breakdown
    • Crop insurance
    • Motor insurance cover
    • Livestock insurance

Construction & Engineering Insurance

    • Liabilities cover (losses and liabilities to third parties)
    • Cover for damages and loss to equipment
    • Cover for contract workers

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance

    • Loss of use cover
    • Transit insurance

Aviation Insurance

    • All-risk aircraft hull insurance
    • Crew and passenger personal accident insurance
    • Pilot’s loss of license insurance (on the grounds of health)
    • Third-party, passenger, and cargo liability insurance
    • Insurance against loss of revenue

Marine Insurance

    • Marine cargo insurance
    • Commercial Hull
    • Marine liabilities

Nedbank will tailor your insurance package to suit your personal and business requirements, and by excluding any irrelevant features and clauses, bring your premiums down. Nedbank will protect you against risks and losses to your assets, injuries to your employees, or theft of your home or building contents and equipment.

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