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Did you know that if you sell your car that you can transfer your Motorhappy Extended Warranty to the new owner, which will add value to the sale of your vehicle?

What are Motorhappy Extended Warranties and what do they do?

The average motorist’s understanding of their vehicle service plan and maintenance or motor plan, is at best, rather sketchy.

Most of us buy cars that come furnished with a service plan with the option of upgrading to a maintenance plan – it is common for some manufacturers to provide maintenance or motor plans but do we understand what these cover and what it means?

A recent survey uncovered that 85% of South African motorists have a very limited understanding of these motor plans and many don’t have any understanding whatsoever.

The survey was conducted with 900 South African motorists from all walks of life where both men and women were interviewed from the ages of 20 and 60.

Forty five percent of female respondents and 36% of male respondents are uncertain of what products they currently have.

A service plan:

The most basic plan is a service plan – in other words, if your vehicle comes with a service plan it means that the manufacturer will service the car at the scheduled internals, usually at a set km or time-based interval.

A service plan will take care of the consumables such as the oil of the engine, gearbox oil, brake fluid, filters, spark plugs, cam belt and coolant.


Extended Warranties do not make provision for Service and Maintenance work. They take care of other unexpected electrical or mechanical issues such as drive pulleys, fuel systems, gearboxes, engines, CV joints, prop shafts, wheel bearings, electronic ignitions and cooling systems.

These are only some of the parts covered by the Extended Warranty. The following qualification criteria is normally used by manufacturers – these are only once the manufacturer’s warranty has ended, though. The manufacturer’s warranty is usually a three-year period or a number of kms – it all depends on which one is first.

A motor plan or maintenance plan is more all-inclusive and covers the same as listed above but also includes wear and tear of your vehicle such as your brake pads, brake discs, clutches and fuses, but does not include your tyres.

These two points are the main qualifying criteria when taking out a Motorhappy Extended Warranty:

  • The age of the vehicle is taken into account.
  • The kms clocked up by the car or vehicle.

A Motorhappy Extended Warranty will:

  • Protect you against mechanical or electrical issues.
  • Will be maintained at approved agents.
  • Approved technicians and parts will be used.
  • Offer you roadside assistance which is a necessity in today’s world.

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