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If you are keen to take out insurance cover with a reputable insurance company, Liberty Life Insurance Cover boasts a reputable long-standing reputation in the insurance industry that will ensure that you and your loved ones are well looked after should you die.

Liberty Life Funeral Cover

Did you know that South Africans spend in the region of R15 000 to R40 000 on a funeral – and are you covered for this eventuality having taken care of your family’s needs when you are no longer in a position to do so?

Liberty Life Funeral Cover presents a variety of policies that not only help your family prepare for the unexpected, but ensures that your family is taken care of long after you are no longer in a position to do so. We are so much more than money, offering a valuable service when you and your family most need us.

While it is practically impossible to gauge what the death industry is worth in South Africa, the American death care industry is worth US$ 17 billion – the reason for this is that there are numerous unregistered service providers in SA.

Did you know that South Africa ranks being 20th in terms of deaths per 1 000 individuals and that there are in the region of 80 to 90 funerals that take place every Saturday at Soweto’s Avalon cemetery! This is all the more reason why you need funeral cover.

Why should you select the Liberty Life Funeral Cover?

  • With Liberty Life you will be able to have a dignified send-off for as little as R50 a month.
  • There are extra benefits ranging from Tombstone cover and Educational Benefits available for up to eight of your children should you so wish with the benefits being paid directly to the educational institution.
  • Funeral Assist, Legal and Will help lines, a Medical Education Programme are only some of the numerous benefits on offer to our valuable clients.
  • A help line for HIV is accessible 24 hours a day for those that require trauma counseling should accidental exposure have taken place.

Because we know that your family plays an important role in your life, we are much more than money alone as we are about providing a necessary service during extremely difficult times. We provide a dedicated service that will make the difference in the lives of our clients and customers – visit us to find out more about Liberty Funeral Cover and get several free insurance quotes online.

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  • I'm saving more than 20% each month on my funeral insurance premiums with the policy I found thanks to Great service and a great product!
    Peter Mabida
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