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Life Insurance


* Your details will be sent to one of the brands that we have partnered with, as can be seen on this page.

Hollard Life Insurance

Hollard Life insurance will help you find the right cover for your specific needs.


Hollard My Life and More:

  • This is cover that offers an all-in-one life and home content cover, which pays out life cover for up to R1.2 million
  • There is a 20% CashBack after 5 years, and no medicals are required
  • With the Hollard My Life and More plan, consumers that have undergone an HIV test in the past 12 months will enjoy an added 30% cover amount at no extra cost if their results are negative

Hollard Disability & Impairment:

  • Hollard Disability & Impairment Cover will replace your income if you are no longer in a position to work in your own job or one similar due to illness or an accident
  • You will be able to choose the cover you need at a price that is affordable
  • This cover is not specifically associated with your ability to continue earning a living and is designed to assist with an adjustment to a new lifestyle if necessary (wheelchair ramps or appliances that are not covered by medical aid)
  • The insured could receive a lump sum of up to R10 million or monthly payments of R100 000
  • This cover is a great option for those who can’t get disability cover if they’re considered too high risk in terms of their occupation

Hollard Disability Plus:

  • Hollard Disability Plus offers an all-in-one insurance plan that covers you for disability and impairment
  • Policyholders will get paid out a tax-free lump sum of up to R10 million or monthly payments
  • Once the waiting period has expired 1% of the lump sum will be paid out as a monthly income
  • Smokers trying to quit within a year will get 10% off premiums

Hollard Critical Illness Cover:

  • Get paid out a tax-free lump sum to cover the relevant costs of illness – there are over 57 serious illnesses stipulated
  • The insured’s children are also covered for all 57 illnesses at no extra cost
  • Receive up to R7.5 million to cover your lifestyle as well as medical costs
  • It includes a bonus benefit that covers you if you spend time in a hospital for an accident or illness not already covered
  • You won’t have to pay the premiums on your critical illness cover for up to 3 months if you are facing a serious life-changing illness

Hollard Long-Term Care:

  • Hollard Long-Term Care will cover you full-time with a registered frail care facility, nursing home or hospice with a registered medical professional
  • Hollard Long-Term Care makes monthly payments of up to R65 000 a month after the insured turns 65
  • There is a death benefit both before and after 65

Health Assist Plan

  • Daily expenses are covered that could add up during a hospital stay
  • At present, Hollards is only servicing existing clients that are on the cash back plan. It isn’t on offer to new clients at the moment

Why choose Hollard Life?

  • Hollard My Life and More cover is based on a tailored face-to-face Financial Needs Analysis
  • There are waiting periods but no underwriting which makes the entire process effortless
  • Enjoy life cover of up to 450 000 – this is cover for the policyholder and spouse
  • There is also funeral cover available for the insured and spouse of up to R50 000; Funeral benefits for five children, 4 parents and 6 other extended family members. By combining funeral policies with your My Life and More you will save on your premiums
  • Your house contents cover will be covered for an amount of up to R50 000
  • Funeral cover includes an accidental death income benefit
  • Hollard also offers a December Premium holiday; this means that Hollard won’t collect premiums during December

Find the right cover for you and your family members with Hollard Life Insurance.

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What some of

our clients say

  • I can sleep soundly now, knowing that my family will be taken care of when I'm not around anymore. Life insurance is non-negotiable and I'm grateful to for helping me to find the best deal for me.
    Paula Adams
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