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Hollard Business Insurance for Knowledgeable Business Solutions

Hollard Business Insurance Cover will take care of all your insurance needs regardless of the size of your company.

Whether you are looking for commercial, corporate or specialist business insurance cover, the world’s your oyster when selecting a product from our team of experts.

Hollard Business Insurance is instrumental in protecting any type of business from a broad spectrum of risks, which could include loss of income, loss in general, damage of any kind, business interruption, employee injury and at times even death together with a host of vulnerabilities beyond the control of the business owner.

There never is a “one-size-fits-all” type of business insurance cover as each business and every operation differs from the next.

That is why your business insurance cover is important to us and will be tailored to suit your specific, individual business needs and requirements.

Perhaps the biggest factor that will offer peace of mind is the fact that each team member presents unique expertise and specific cover for your niche business or industry, establishing a relationship that is unique to the insurance industry.

There is a team of expertise brokers on call and partners that will offer you top-notch offerings suited to your business, thus building and creating long-term relationships, which comes equipped with a deep-seated understanding of all aspects of risk assessment and management.

Hollard Business Insurance is of the understanding that there are large risks attached to large corporates – this simply goes with the territory; therefore, the more specialised the insurance requirements will be.

Hollard’s Property and Energy Centre of Excellence – also referred to as CoE, offers insurance to businesses that have substantial asset values across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Some of these include mining companies, financial services, technology and communications, real estate, retail, energy and manufacturing.

The industries that are insured at this high level often include shopping centres as well as deep-level mines that come with an entire selection of eventualities that require specialist business insurance cover.

Specialist cover is in accordance with every company’s distinct needs with insurance service providers offering the kind of professional service and specific tailored solutions for each one.

With a footprint right across the continent of Africa, Hollard Business should be your automatic “go-to” option for your tailored business insurance solutions.

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  • Finding the right insurance for my business was made much easier by I received multiple quotes and could choose the option that's best for me after one phone call. I'll definitely use their service again!
    Kathy Gordan
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Business Insurance

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