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Hippo Car Insurance

Before you commit to a car insurer, you can Hippo it and be sure you’ve got the most affordable price.

Who is Hippo Car Insurance?

Hippo is an insurance aggregator in South Africa that can help site visitors to explore insurance brands and find insurance products suited to their needs. They compare insurance companies and their offers with a quote process on their website. When you get a vehicle insurance quote, you can ensure you are getting the best price and cover through Hippo.

Does Hippo Do Car Insurance?

Hippo does car insurance on their site, which means they allow you to compare car insurance quotes and insurance coverages from different insurers. If you want to find the insurance provider that’s got the best deal on the table, you can find them at Not all car cover offers are the same.

Does Hippo Sell Car Insurance?

No, hippo is not an insurance company and does not sell insurance directly. You can get insurance on their website, but it will come from other insurance providers such as Discovery insure, for example. There is an American company named Hippo Insurance, which should not be confused with the South African Hippo comparison site. Coincidentally, Hippo Insurance in America also does not sell motor vehicle insurance.

What to Consider When Comparing Car Insurance Hippo Gives Me?

At Hippo, you can compare quotes in a fast and efficient manner from a wide range of reputable insurance service providers. Hippo car insurance assimilates an accurate quote from various insurers based solely on their monthly premiums. When you are comparing Hippo quotes, how can you tell which ones are the best option for you? You can consider these points:

1. Type of Cover

Most car cover options include cover for third party damage. But do the policies you’re comparing offer cover for theft, accidental damage to your own vehicle, and natural disasters? Many policies that are cheaper do not offer comprehensive cover. In fact, the most affordable car cover policies usually only cover damages to the other person and their car if you’re in an accident.

This is why the cheapest option isn’t always best. If you want affordable premiums but also comprehensive cover, you can speak to the insurer to learn more about their offer. Different insurance companies offer different prices for very similar types of cover. This is because of how they view your risk profile and the relevant details they consider when deciding on your monthly premium cost.

2. Coverage Limits

Once you have compared the insured events covered in the policies you are considering, you can look at the limits on the cover. Many options give a limited amount of cover. For example, comprehensive insurance cover may pay out up to R5 million for liability claims. A more affordable option may pay out only up to R1 million for damages and losses.

When you visit Hippo Insurance Services, it’s best not to select your preferred insurer until you have considered these limitations. Some limitations can be material to your quote. For example, some policies are designed only for cars that are older than 5 years or worth less than a certain amount. Some quotes are for business car insurance, meaning the vehicle being insured should be a vehicle you use for business purposes and not personal.

3. Excess

An excess is an amount the insurer requires you to pay them when you claim before they will pay out on the claim. For example, if you are in an accident and your car gets totalled, the insurer will need you to first pay the excess before you can get the full amount for the value of your car. Some insurers offer a fixed excess, while others allow you to choose your excess.

4. Exclusions

When considering your auto insurance options at Hippo, exclusions are a point you cannot afford to ignore. Exclusions can be found in the policy documents and can include things such as intentional damage you do to your own vehicle or certain natural disasters such as hail damage. Some replacement costs may be excluded, too. It’s best to check these before you sign the policy.

5. Additional Benefits

When you choose a comprehensive cover option for your vehicle from one of the South African insurance brands at Hippo, they will come with added benefits. These benefits vary greatly and can save you hundreds of Rands and a lot of time and effort. For example, some auto insurance policies include emergency medical cover or emergency roadside assistance.

6. Customer Experiences

Some insurers are better at customer service than others. This reality can mean the difference between an easy claims experience and frustrating telephonic encounters with representatives of the insurer. If you want to know more about how much customer support you can get at an insurer, you can compare customer satisfaction data and customer reviews on websites such as hellopeter.

Should I Compare Car Insurance Quotes at Hippo?

Hippo compares car insurance quotes based solely on monthly premiums. As you can see, there is a lot more to consider than just the purchase price. That’s why exploring our site will benefit you.

You can look at the coverage limit for each option and other details from the policy documents by speaking to the insurer you are considering. To start, get a quote by filling in the form at the top of our page.

Our high-tech system provides eligible customers with a connection to the best insurance option for their needs in minutes. Whether you’re considering Outsurance or Budget Insurance, you can learn more about insurance companies on our site. We go into detail so you can get cheap car insurance premiums and quality cover for all your needs.

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