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AllLife Life Insurance was created to offer comprehensive life cover to those living with HIV and diabetes proposing affordable, comprehensive cover to those individuals who could not get insurance in the past or from other insurance houses. With a unique approach to life insurance cover to those living with HIV and AIDS or diabetes, AllLife has brought hope and confidence to millions of individuals.

The best part is that:

  •         There are no onerous and long-winded application forms to fill out.
  •         There is no waiting period.
  •         And best of all, there are no hidden agendas as no stone has been left unturned; additionally, expect no fine print – everything is upfront and honest.

The application forms are easy to fill out and in a couple of simple steps, you could be fully covered for HIV, Disability cover as well as Life Cover. Because AllLife cares about the lives, health and well-being of their valued client base, they will ensure your life cover will suit your needs to a “t” by tailoring solutions just for you.

And – once you are covered by AllLife this is what you can expect:

Ongoing care through their managed health programmes.

Once you are covered you will be able to make use of the managed health programme, which is commonly known as the Adherence Programme.

This programme is a life-saver; you will be reminded on time, when it comes to following up on blood tests and other important tests as well as when vital check-ups are due.

AllLife cares about all their clients and strives towards ensuring they get the best care possible, hence this valuable service is accessible to safeguard better health is enjoyed by those that have HIV or diabetes.

More about AllLife Comprehensive Life Cover:

AllLife provides comprehensive life cover for individuals living with HIV. Being the very first insurance service provider to offer this product, worldwide, they have made huge inroads in the world of insurance cover.

Nice to know – for those living with HIV or diabetes, cover in the event of death will be offered without a waiting period:

Regardless of whether death is accidental or as a direct result of health issues, there will be no waiting period. This means that AllLife clients will enjoy life insurance cover straight away.

AllLife’s products are affordable – a user-friendly type of protection with no application forms, plus there is no fine print and no waiting period – insurance cover does not get much better than this!

More about the Adherence Programme and the benefits thereof:

  •         The Adherence Programme has been known to enhance longevity in clients by increasing the chances of a long and healthy existence.
  •         The proof of the pudding is in the eating – there has been a massive effect on clients where proven results show major improvements in CD4+ count – somewhere in the region of 15% within 6 months of taking out AllLife Life Insurance and being on the Adherence Programme (these are measurements of the immune system).

AllLife offers life insurance to those that require cost-effective, comprehensive products:

We take many things in life for granted – getting life cover is certainly one of these.

Diabetics are often unable to get life cover – alternatively, their insurance cover is often loaded making life cover unaffordable, or they have to endure long-winded, and at times rather humiliating processes to obtain this type of cover.

AllLife understands the frustration that diabetics have to endure to be protected – that is the main reason for the affordable and accessible cover being devised specifically with diabetics uppermost in mind.

This innovative offering is tailored specifically for those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

The cover is instantaneous on the inception of the insurance product – all that is required is a simple underwriting procedure, with these usually involving blood testing, which is utilised to determine the extent of the cover.

One of the benefits of AllLife cover is that you will be able to use your life product to qualify for business and home loans.

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