If you are starting up your own business, or whether you are “old-hat” operating any enterprise, regardless of if it is a butcher, real-estate franchise operation, law firm or B & B, the first and most important thing to investigate is having the right business insurance cover.

Business insurance differs from ordinary insurance in many aspects, although there are often quite a few parallels.

For peace of mind ensure that everything from the premises to the vehicles, tools and equipment whether hired or owned, are all properly covered.

Bear in mind that accountants, real estate companies, lawyers and doctors, to mention a couple, need professional indemnity insurance to ensure that if they are sued for errors or misinformation, injury or even death by third parties, that there is enough cover to take care of medical expenses, litigation and more.

Insuring buildings as well as any outbuilding, also plays a role and is very important to have – imagine having a restaurant burn down and having to replace all the equipment as well as loss of earnings? Fire and flood, theft and error – all these aspects and eventualities need to be covered by your business insurance service provider.

The secret with business insurance is to ensure there is always sufficient cover, regardless of what type of operation you run – after all, you simply cannot leave this to chance. Being under-insured is akin to not having cover at all, as is being over-insured which is simply unnecessary and often a waste of money.

Additionally, key person insurance for those sole-proprietors will ensure your loved ones are able to carry on the business should you become injured, are too ill to carry on working, or even if you die.

This insurance will also find a replacement key person or pay for any costs that are incurred during the search for a replacement, should the business continue as before. After all, one works for many years and all your hard work needs to be protected against any and all outcomes.

Business insurance might seem to be a grudge purchase but when faced with unforeseen circumstances, this insurance cover will create a safety net while business owners get back on their feet.