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Crazy Famous Insurance Policies: Immaculate Conception

Famous but Crazy Insurance Policies: Immaculate Conception

Insurance companies claim not to be in the business of taking our money only to never ever ever pay out. But some insurance policies prove otherwise. In today’s crazy famous insurance policies episode, we introduce the insurance policy for immaculate conception.

The Company that Brought You the Immaculate Conception Insurance Policy

In 2000, Essex-based insurance company took out a £1 million insurance policy on three sisters. The policy would pay out if the should they conceived immaculately. That’s right. If any of the sisters conceived of child without the necessary whoopee, the insurance company would pay out an impressive £1 million.

“Sure,” you say, “that seems fair enough. It’s happened before.” The problem with the policy (and all policies for that matter), is that the burden of proof lies with the insured. That is, should one of the sisters conceive in such a placid manner, it’s their duty to prove it. Otherwise they get nothing.

Ironically, the amount of £1 million was to cover the costs of raising the child (even though Joseph apparently did it on a carpenter’s salary). The girls were paying £100 a year for the policy until the public found out about it six years later and, with the gold boot of the Catholic Church, got the policy stomped out.

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