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Celebrity insurance Lindsay Lohan has been hired to play Elizabeth Taylor in the lifetime biographical film “Liz and Dick”, but not without producers taking out a bit of celebrity insurance. While most celebrity insurance policies see the artist take out health insurance to protect a certain body part, Lohan’s insurance policy is much akin to that of celebrity endorsement.

While producers aren’t giving out details of the insurance policy, producer Larry Thompson has been quoted as saying that Lohan is “the most insured actress that ever walked on a sound stage”. The actress has become famous for her bad behaviour and substance abuse. It wouldn’t be the first time a film network has taken out insurance for the likely event that a star gets arrested, or goes to rehab. Filming was to take place in L.A., but was moved to Canada to “minimize some risk”.

Lohan’s recklessness may have helped her land the role of Elizabeth Taylor who was known for being highly emotional.

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