Celebs pay more for insurance, even if it’s for a home that they can’t crash. Why? Because they buy expensive things that cost a lot to replace or repair. Combining their often reckless behaviour with high-end vehicles, means the little piggy doesn’t cry “whee!” all the way home. Here’s why celebs pay more.

5. Shia Lebouf and the Ford F150

The Transformers star had one too many and ended up rolling his truck at an intersection in LA a couple of years ago. Even though he refused to take the breathalyzer test, his license was revoked.

4. George Michaels and the Range Rover

Not one to shy away from a bit of scandal, Michaels wrote off his Range Rover after he tried not to rear end (no pun intended) the car in front of him. At 100 mph, it’s not so easy.

3. Eddie Griffin and the Ferrari

Comedian Eddie Griffin wrote off his million-dollar Ferrari by plowing it into a wall. He survived, despite the car wreckage, and laughed the matter off.

2. Lindsay Lohan and the Mercedes Benz

Trying to escape the paparazzi she gave them the photo of the week, when she wrecked her Mercedes Benz in front of them. Lohan tried a fast getaway, but failed miserably.

 1. Billy Joel and the Beetle

The singer-songwriter crashed his Beetle into a house in the Hamptons on his way to get pizza. In all fairness, the houses are pretty big and difficult to avoid. Joel is now high risk for car and home insurance.

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