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types of car insuranceTypes of car insurance

Taxis don’t come with car insurance, so your car will have to. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a never-ending blame game with the guy who polished his car with yours. Even insurers can’t get money out of a difficult driver, and they come with an entire legal department. This is why car insurance is so important. Car insurance will bail you out whether an accident was your fault or not, while also protecting your car from fire, theft and hijacking.

Sure monthly premiums are a pain, but they’re a lot cheaper than an upfront payment for a vehicle, which is why banks require all cars they finance to be insured. While the bank requires your car insurance to be comprehensive, there are other types of insurance that may better suit your budget.

Third-party car insurance

With minimum coverage, third-party car insurance protects you from paying for damage you caused to other people’s property with your car. If you rear end your boss’s Jag with your your Corsa Lite, his car is covered. This type of insurance is so important that the Department of Transport is even considering making it compulsory for all car owners.

Third-party, fire and theft

As the name implies, third-party, fire and theft car insurance protects you from paying for damage you caused to other people’s property, from fire damage to your car and theft or hijacking of your vehicle. This, however, does not cover damages to your car if you cause an accident.

Comprehensive car insurance

This type of car insurance covers your vehicle and the third-party’s from any damage you or they may cause. It also covers your car for fire and theft or hijacking. It’s the most expensive type of car insurance because it covers your vehicle for every insurable risk. If your car is financed, you’ll have to take out comprehensive car insurance.

With car insurance, you’re paying the insurer to take the risk of owning a vehicle off of you, giving more than just a safety net, but peace of mind. For cheap car insurance quotes fill in our online form, wait for insurers to contact you, and take your pick of policies.


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