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His car insuranceDespite what the European Court says, his car insurance is different to her car insurance because they’re badass. At driving. Sorry guys, according to statistics you’re more of an insurance risk which is why you pay more on insurance premiums than your prettier counterparts. His car insurance is expensive because statistically he has more accidents than she does, which is why his car insurance should include:

His car insurance liability cover

Liability cover refers to the cover for damages or injury you may cause to a third party. This ranges from accidental damage to their vehicle to injury of their person. His car insurance must include liability cover for property (also known as third party car insurance) to protect him from claims of disgruntled drivers who’ve been driven into. The Road Accident Fund will pay out for claims of personal injury for accidents caused on South African roads (even thought this may not be sufficient to cover the medical bills). Liability cover is essential no matter what type of car he drives.

His car insurance accessories cover

His car insurance should also cover all those accessories which makes his car nectar. That’s right, those added non-factory-fitted extras which push the value and risk of the vehicle such as spoilers, amplifiers and 100-CD shuttle. These accessories are often damaged while driving or stolen from the vehicle and push up the risk of the driver so the premiums will cost more. Perhaps not as much as the actual accessory, which makes it worth it.

His car insurance specialty car cover

He is more likely than she is to drive a sports car or a vintage car, both of which will require a specialist car insurance policy because of the extremely high value of these vehicle. Given the nature of guys to drive more recklessly (according to the statistics), expensive cars are a bad risk for insurance companies which is why they require an extremely wealthy underwriter.

In truth, it’s the cost to repair the vehicle which makes this type of insurance so expensive as vintage and sports cars have high-cost parts and reparation. His insurance should include specialist car insurance if he has a specialty vehicle.

His car insurance off-road cover

His car insurance may also include off-road or 4X4 cover. This cover caters for any damage to the vehicle caused by driving it off the unbeaten track, like tarred roads. The cover may also include medical costs should he injure himself while doing this, and repatriation of the vehicle from other SADC countries. This cover, though, is only for vehicles which are designed by the manufacturer with the intended purpose to go off road. That is, four wheel drive vehicles. You cannot get 4X4 cover for your sedan, sports car or vintage vehicle.

If you’re a him and are tired of paying crazy premiums on your car insurance, why not compare cover with other insurers to see how much you should be paying. All you have to do is fill in our online form and insurance representative will call you to provide you with quotes.



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