cycling event insuranceIf you love to cycle – whether you cycle for fun or are serious about the sport it is important to take out a short-term insurance package that has been specifically designed for all your cycling needs.

Whether individuals cycle professionally or simply enjoy the sport in a more recreational capacity, specialist cycle cover is designed to cover all risks – find one that is prepared to cover all  your cycling insurance needs both here in South Africa as well as internationally.

Find short-term cycle insurance that will cover:

  • All risks which will cover all bicycle fittings which are based on the replacement value.
  • You will need to be covered for theft, hijacking of your bike (a reality in today’s world) any damages experienced during events which include national, international, provincial or club events and any other official events.
  • Legal accountability.
  • You will also need individual accident cover which includes both death and disability insurance.
  • Your short-term cycle insurer should also take care of all medical benefits up to a certain amount - this is usually only provided to patrons participating in official racing events, though, so read the fine print carefully.

Hollard and specialist cycle insurance:

  • Since Hollard Insurance first opened its doors in 1980, the amalgamation of enterprises with numerous pioneering specialists and experts has been necessary to the growth and multiplicity of the company.
  • By backing visionaries and pioneering fresh ideas, Hollard has continually delivered genuine specialisation and tailored insurance solutions to a broad spectrum of SA businesses and consumers.
  • This philosophy of partnership and invention has seen the company grow from strength to strength.
  • The partnership with specialists in cycling events is no different and through matching their working and peril management skills with specialist underwriting capabilities together with their deep understanding of the cycling way of life, they have been able to project a complete range of benefits that speak directly to the often-unique set of risks involved in cycling and bikes.

The short-term insight-driven method to cycle insurance equals the philosophy of ensuring that insurance solutions meet the real-life wants and necessities in a clear and value-driven way with Hollard making a permanent and maintainable difference to policyholders as well as all partnerships in the industry as well as the societies that are being service.