Group funeral coverThe Metropolitan Flexible Funeral Plan offers you cover that is personalized, simple and cost-effective.

With the Metropolitan Flexible Funeral Plan you can receive a lump sum pay out of up to R50 000 for the Main member and your spouse(s) and we allow for more than one spouse.

You are covered from the day we receive your pay first premium and are covered for your whole life, provided you pay all your premiums.  A 6-month waiting period that applies, but should you pass away from an accident during the waiting period, we will pay out.

Your children are covered as children for life – there is no change in status once they turn 21.  In addition, this policy allows you to cover all your loved ones including parents-in-law and extended family members and any other persons you are responsible for.

The Metropolitan Flexible Funeral Plan allows for any insured member of 18 years or over, that is already covered in the policy, to take over the policy should the main member die.

We pay out claims in 2 days/ 48 hours, provided we receive all necessary documentation from you.

There is a premium holiday benefit that allows you to miss 1 premium for every 12 premiums that you have paid.  A maximum of 6 premiums can be missed.


We are at the end of the line for any query that you may have.