Middle men like to have their cake and eat it too, which is why cutting them out saves you money. Now that you can get a life insurance quotes direct from many life insurers, you can cut out the broker. What’s more, you can compare a life insurance quote from one insurer with another to determine if the premiums you’re paying are competitive.

When applying for a life insurance quotes online you will need the following information, which your life insurer will use to determine your risk profile.

Your medical history

Your medical history is your track record of illnesses and genetic disorders and will likely include your parents and grandparents. Your life insurance quotes will be more expensive if you have a history of dreaded or genetic diseases.

Details of your lifestyle

This includes your occupation and your recreation. The more banal your activities the cheaper your life insurance quote. Engaging in high-risk sports such as skydiving does not make you appealing to your insurer, neither does smoking or volunteering as a police
reservist; all of which is needed for your insurer to adequately determine your risk.

Your weight and height

Short of a medical exam (which your doctor may be able to provide details regarding), the life insurer requires your weight and height to determine your current state of health. The healthier you are, the cheaper your life insurance quote.

Buying life insurance quotes online is as easy as filling in a form. Comparing life insurance quotes before you buy is just easy. Click here to get the life insurers to contact you, and get a life insurance quote from life.co.za